Featured phpBBs of 2009

ST Software Support Forum
This is the community formerly dedicated to the works of hack and style/template author Vjacheslav Trushkin (also known as CyberAlien).
December 2009

ScummVM Forums
They are the official support and enthusiast community for ScummVM, a cross-platform interpreter that allows for the play of certain classic 2D point-and-click adventure games.
November 2009 Forums
A community dedicated to the LaTeX document preparation system.
October 2009

LaTeX Community Forum
A community dedicated to the LaTeX document preparation system.
September 2009

KDE Community Forums
The official community for the KDE desktop environment for UNIX workstations.
August 2009 Forums
The Forums serve as a support and enthusiast community for Blender, a free, open source 3D content creation suite.
July 2009

Smashing Magazine Forum
The forum for Smashing Magazine, a publication aimed at web designers and developers, covering the latest trends and techniques in web development.
June 2009

RocketTheme Forum
RocketTheme is a Joomla and phpBB 3 styling community, that offers custom styles through private clubs.
May 2009

Madman Entertainment Forum
This is the community for Madman Entertainment, an entertainment distribution and rights management company.
April 2009

AddThis User Community
AddThis is a popular bookmarking and sharing button service. Their community is dedicated to support and development.
March 2009

Jott Forums
The community for Jott, a voice to text service that allows you to record a message over the phone and have it transcribed and sent to yourself or others.
February 2009

3FL Gaming Network Forums
Based out of Australia and owned by ISP Westnet, 3FL is a gaming network hosting online play of various game franchises.
January 2009