Featured phpBBs of 2007

PC Pro Forums
The PC Pro Forums are dedicated to issues relating to computers and technology.
December 2007

LD4all Forum
This is a community for lucid dreamers.
November 2007

Zombie Pumpkins! Freaky Forum
Zombie Pumpkins! Freaky Forum is a pumpkin carving and Halloween themed community.
October 2007

KlipFolio Forum
This is the support, development and discussion community for the KlipFolio dashboard and sidebar software.
September 2007

Blogcrowds Blog Forum
Blogcrowds Blog Forum is a community for bloggers.
August 2007

Smartphone Thoughts Forums
Smartphone Thoughts Forums is a Windows Mobile Smartphone community.
July 2007

pickleberrypop Forum
pickleberrypop Forum is a digital scrapbooking community.
June 2007

CM Unity Forum
CM Unity Forum is a Championship Manager 97/98 user community.
May 2007

Poets of the Fall Forum
Poets of the Fall Forum is the official community of Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall.
April 2007

Absolute Designer
Absolute Designer is a design community.
March 2007 Support Forum is a free, remotely hosted phpBB provider.
February 2007

Greenlush is a web hosting company.
January 2007