Featured phpBBs of 2006 is an international football (soccer) community.
December 2006

The Q*Bee Bee*Bee*S
The Q*Bee Bee*Bee*S is the phpBB powered community of The Quilting Bee, a pixel trading club.
November 2006 is a television discussion community.
October 2006

Bible Answers Forums
Bible Answers Forums is a Christian owned and themed Bible discussion community.
September 2006 SportingBlogs
SportingNews is a very widely read print sports publication and their website is an extension of that. SportingBlogs is their network of sports blogs and it is powered, in part at least, by phpBB.
August 2006

designwire is a design community. What makes this site great is the attention to detail. Even their welcome e-mail is cool!
July 2006

Stylegala Forum
Stylegala is an online publication covering web design and standards.
June 2006

Women Only Forums
Women Only Forums is a community for, you guessed it, women only.
May 2006

Gaming Exe
Gaming Exe is a gaming community.
April 2006

DoubleJWeb Forum
DoubleJWeb Forum is the home of template author DoubleJ.
March 2006

subMerged is the home of the subMerged Template.
February 2006

MacThemes Forums
MacThemes Forums (the forums for is a Mac theming community.
January 2006