Featured phpBBs of 2005 is a video game community.
December 2005 is the community of game developer EGOSOFT.
November 2005 is the home of phpBB template author Adam Roberts.
October 2005

alexis is the home of phpBB template author Andrew Charron.
September 2005

My eHangout
My eHangout is a general chat community.
August 2005

woot! forum
woot! forum is the community of the online store. is "run by the employees of a 10 year old consumer electronics distributor that focuses on close outs and generally buying stuff cheap." They sell 1 item a day and use phpBB to allow people to discuss the products that they sell.
July 2005

XPForum is a help and support site for users of Microsoft Windows XP.
June 2005

Plastikaa - Forum
Plastikaa - Forum is home to phpBB template author plastikaa.
May 2005

The DEVPPL FORUM is a web development and technology discussion community.
April 2005

Mike Lothar
Mike Lothar is home to template author Mike Lothar (shock!) and it features a very nice, clean, crisp, professional look with some nice subtle accents and touches.
March 2005 is a discussion community for writers that features a nice, clean and professional phpBB template, including some nicely integrated hacks.
February 2005

Nucleus Support
This nicely integrated phpBB serves as the support community for Nucleus CMS, a popular GPLed blogging software.
January 2005