Featured phpBBs of 2004 is a football (soccer) discussion forum that features a beautifully done template.
December 2004 is a website dedicated to eurodance/vocal trance/freestyle/techno music style.
November 2004

Designer's Realm
Designer's Realm is an online community dedicated to design and web development related discussions. It features an exceptionally attractive phpBB integration with a keen eye for detail that we always like to see.
October 2004

Site Removed.
September 2004

DivX Players Forum
This is a DivX Players related discussion community featuring a very unique and interesting phpBB integration.
August 2004 is a community for wine enthusiasts.
July 2004 is a top resource for the NVIDIA nForce. A great amount of attention to detail went into their phpBB integration - it is very nice and well put together.
June 2004

Mad Tour
The Mad Tour is a tour of the UK that is documented online.
May 2004

WOW Republic
WOW Republic is a role playing community that features a unique template with customized graphics.
April 2004

America's Army
This is the forum for the America's Army game, which was created by the United States Army. That being pretty cool in itself, the phpBB is also very well done. It has a very nice look to it, with custom graphics and some other neat enhancements.
March 2004

jakob's forums
Jakob's forums is home to Jakob Persson, who has created some very impressive templates for phpBB 2. We have chosen to feature him in recognition of this outstanding work.
February 2004

Final Fantasy Database
Final Fantasy Database is a fansite for the Final Fantasy game series. Their community features a unique and well put together look.
January 2004