Featured phpBBs of 2003

Webmaster Forums
Webmaster Forums are the web development community at the Internet Marketing Research site. Now, you may be thinking that their design might not warrant winning the featured phpBB. Their design isn't bad, it has customized header and footer and it is very tasteful, but you are right - this isn't close to being one of the best designs we have awarded. So, why then? We award complete excellence. Attention to detail is huge here. I have seen many really nice designs on phpBBs. But, for whatever reason, some of these people will leave the default aqua subSilver buttons that don't match their color scheme. That gets any forum an automatic dismissal from consideration for this award. These forums have a well put together color scheme - and they stick to it. All graphics, links and everything else that you see. Consistent accuracy is the foundation on which a community can win this award. Webmaster Forums is deserving.
December 2003

Rocker's Union
Rocker's Union is an online community based on Rocker's Union, a high school club originating from Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan. The Rocker's Union club is open to any and all people have a love for rock music and are interested in and feel dedicated to being in their own band. Rocker's Union serves as a gathering point for such individuals and as a connection to the rock and music community. Their phpBB is very sleek and well done with a custom layout and several nicely intergrated hacks.
November 2003

ForumPlasma is a gaming discussion community, part of the GamePlasma Network. The design is stunning and well done. They have integrated phpBB in a way where one username works with multiple phpBB installations which they have created for specific games or interests.
October 2003

Ground Zero Genesis
Ground Zero Genesis is a gaming discussion site focused on PlayStation 2 RPGs, such as the Final Fantasy and Xenosaga series'. They feature a customized and very cool phpBB template. There are just so many little things on this site that grab our attention, such as the cool mouseovers. After all, it is the little things that really count in life and this site has a bunch of them.
September 2003 is a very slick phpBB 2 integration. The template has been customized a great, great deal. It includes a lot of custom graphics and custom work. Many useful hacks have been installed, including the nice easyCMS hack, which is integrated as the Articles section.
August 2003

BigZoo's Big Deals
BigZoo's Big Deals is a constantly updating directory of money saving offers, etc. But, what we are most concerned with is the very unique phpBB integration that has happened here. At first, you may not be able to tell that it is phpBB, but take a look at the copyright notice. If you look, you can also find some other subtle hints that it is phpBB. It is a very heavily customized and hacked solution and we have never seen anything like it, which is why we have decided to award it with the Featured phpBB distinction.
July 2003

4WebHelp bills itself as a resource for webmasters and features a heavily customized phpBB. The site is worthy of this award because of their general attention to detail, such as all images fitting the reddish color scheme that they use. It is unique and well thought out.
June 2003

ashwebstudio is a web design firm and phpBB template author. Their forums are very cool, utilzing a heavily customized subSilver with original graphics. Definitely an experience to check out!
May 2003 is a discussion community for Photoshop users and graphic designers. It is one of the slickest phpBB's that we have seen in a while with heavy graphic and template customization.
April 2003 is a gaming portal with a fantastic phpBB 2 integration. It is extremely unique and definitely is one of the most comprehensive content site integrations that we have seen - a definite inspiration to phpBB users everywhere. It has so many unique features and customizations that we will not try to list some of them, so just go check the site out.
March 2003

Acecool Company
Acecool Company is the homepage of phpBB user (and hack/template author) Acecool. It's template is in a bluish grey scheme and is quite slick with a lot of customization.
February 2003

Forum Images
Forum Images is the personal showcase of phpBBer Daz, who is very active in and around the phpBB community with his constant development of templates and graphics.
January 2003