Featured phpBBs of 2002

Smartor Site
Smartor Site is the personal website of phpBB hacker, Smartor. He is an active hacker who has written some of the top hacks available today. His site also serves as a phpBB related discussion forum. It is a very unique and well put together (design and function wise) site and I feel that it is worthy of this recognition.
December 2002 is a sports discussion community, which has been running phpBB since version 1.2.x.
November 2002 can help you make your own VideoCDs, SVCDs or DVDs that can be played on your standalone DVD Player from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, Cam or downloaded movie clips like DivX, MOV, RM, WMV and ASF. This phpBB 2 is very active and with cool custom hacks such as "topics that I have posted in" and "Computer Details" it is definitely a great site to check out and a great phpBB.
October 2002

The Realm
The Realm is the personal homepage of an individual who is responsible for one of the best looking phpBBs ever created, in my opinion, (a site which also won this award). His personal creation stays right inline with his previously established excellence. This site is very pleasing to the eye bringing together a mix of graphics and CSS that works exceptionally well. By the way, this is a phpBB 1.4.4!
September 2002 is a general discussion site that features a fantastic integration of the phpBB 2 software. It is very unique and we like it a lot. You can actually find the template for the forum in our templates section.
August 2002 features a fantastic integration of phpBB. The entire site looks awesome and is functionally great. It is one of the best COMPLETE integrations of phpBB that I have ever seen.
July 2002

subBlue Design
subBlue Design is a web design company founded by Tom Beddard. The entire website is simply stunning. Tom also created the subSilver look for phpBB, so he deserves his props there, spurning the new look for phpBB and allowing others to create many variations of the subSilver look. [Note from Patrick: I met Tom quite a while ago. Before he was "phpBB Group" and especially before subSilver. Way back when he created the phpBB 1.4 with CSS implementation. He's a nice guy and is very deserving.]
June 2002 is the discussion community for the Clay-Chalkville Math Team. Is there a cooler site for a MATH TEAM? Show us. I mean, we're not experts on math teams or anything, but this site's forums look cool. Especially the phpBB which features some solid work on the template as well as graphics and the rest.
May 2002 is one of the leading martial art discussion communities online. It is a great example of phpBB 1.4.4 in action. It has been customized in many ways, from a lot of work on the appearance to the many hacks that have been added.
April 2002 is the site for answers for everything Windows. Special Note from Patrick: was really the first site that showed me that, with work, phpBB could compete with the biggers BBs. Really the first great phpBB I ever discovered.
March 2002

A humorous website for students. A phpBB that has been greatly customized.
February 2002