Book: Managing Online Forums

About the Author

Patrick O’Keefe is the founder and owner of the iFroggy Network, an Internet network featuring content, community and e-commerce sites. He has been managing online communities since 2000. Patrick founded and has been responsible for the creation and cultivation of communities like and

Managing Online Forums: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Run Successful Community Discussion Boards

Authored by Patrick O'Keefe, Founder.

This book is the first comprehensive book to cover everything administrators need to know to launch and run a successful community forum. It goes beyond the technical aspects of forum administration and delves into developing a safe, engaging environment for people to share thoughts and experiences.

Written by's own Founder, Patrick O'Keefe, this book is based on years of first hand experience managing communities. With a straight forward and honest presentation, the book will teach many lessons, including how to:

  • Choose a site name and domain name
  • Design and launch a community
  • Organize the community with structure
  • Decide on user options, such as avatars and private messaging
  • Use technology to benefit the community and staff
  • Choose and manage staff members
  • Develop and enforce guidelines
  • Creating a phpBB hack
  • Involve users to keep the community interesting
  • Generate revenue