Featured Author - How can I win?


The phpBBHacks.com Featured Author award was first awarded in October of 2004 and is awarded every month of the year. Like any great award, we ask for nothing in return from our winners.

How can I win?

You can not submit for this award, you are chosen. Only authors who have a download listed on phpBBHacks.com will be considered. Hack, template, and style authors are all eligible. Winners will be selected based upon their downloads and the quality and popularity of them. Other contributions such as participation in the phpBBHacks.com Support Forums and the positive and helpful supporting of one's downloads may also be taken into consideration. Winners are selected by the phpBBHacks.com Administrator.

What shouldn't I do?

Don't lobby to win it. You should be contributing based upon your desire to help other people. Not to win awards.

The absolute best thing that you can do to be considered for the award and win the award is to not care about being considered for the award or winning the award.

Can I win more than once?

It is possible to be selected for the Featured Author award more than one time. In order to be selected again, an author must have continued to contribute in a positive way in the time that has passed since winning previously. All of the same eligibility requirements and considerations still apply when an author is considered for the award again.

How often can I win?

After an author has been selected for the award, at least twelve months must pass before they will be considered eligible for selection again.