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That hack allows you to add an attribute, generally called a tag or prefix, like "[Solved]", to topic titles.

Quick Title Edition requires that you use PHP 5.2.0 because JSON functions are used.

Attributes are highly customizable, including the following:
- You can use a short text or an image as a topic attribute.
- Color customization.
- Language keys can be used - this is very valuable for international forums.
- Image keys can be used, if you have many styles installed on your phpBB.
- CSS classes can be used, if you have many styles installed on your forums.
-You can use a %mod% argument in your topic attribute, which will display the username that applied the attribute.
- You can use a %date% argument, which will display the date when the attribute was applied to the topic title.

Through the permissions system, you can choose the groups that can use the attribute in the desired forums and/or the topic author if this user is not a member of the allowed groups. You can add as many permissions as needed.

A search feature is available, in order to find topics that include the selected attribute.

You can force your users to select an attribute when they create a new topic.

Removing an attribute on a topic is very simple. Just select the first line of the selector (don't forget to mark the desired topics if you are in the Moderator Control Panel) and validate.

The .zip package includes English and French language files and installation procedures for prosilver and subsilver2.

It also includes an additional feature, available as an add-on, which allows the topic author and the moderators to access to the selector on replies. This is in addition to add-ons that allow Quick Title Edition to be compatible with the following hacks:

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Revision: 1.1.1
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Last Update: August 11, 2012