Admin Voting

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This is an admin control panel hack that allows administrators to view polls, see which users voted in each poll, and optionally, how each user voted in the poll.

Includes an auto installer for the database changes. No need to manually make database changes using an external program such as phpMyAdmin any longer!

Includes language support for Dutch, French, English, German, Hebrew, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

Now compatible with Mozilla and Netscape browsers as well as Internet Explorer.

Because of potential privacy issues, forums with this hack installed should inform their users that it has been installed.
Revision: 1.1.8
File Size: 17 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.0 - 2.0.19
Author: ErDrRon
Downloads: 32594
Added: August 28, 2002
Last Update: March 28, 2006