CrackerTracker Professional G5

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This is a complete security system for your phpBB.


- Worm and exploit protection unit with heuristic engine and more than 500 definitions
- SQL injection detector for GET, POST and others variables
- Attack counter function
- Checksum scanner to detect PHP files that were changed
- 8 different footer layouts
- File security scanner wich detects general security issues in phpBB Ffles
- Global message function
- IP blocker engine
- Proxy blocker engine
- UserAgent blocker engine
- Comfortable log manager to view attack log files and manage the files
- Self test system
- Automatically check file permissions on the log files
- Show security tipps for your server and phpBB
- Maintenance function
- Miserable user function to easily block user posts
- Adjustable main log file size
- Every feature can easily be activated or deactivated through ACP
- Search flood protection for guests and users
- Login brute force protection system
- Detect wrong logins and save them in your log file
- Login history for users
- IP range scanner to detect account abuse
- Spammer detection system
- Detection system for human, registered spammers
- Spammer keyword detection for posts and profile
- Registration protection
- Registration IP scanning
- Account password expire function
- Account password complexity function
- Account password length control
- Emergency console which can restore phpBB configuration table without running phpBB
- Password reset flood protection
- Mass mail protection system
- Visual confirmation for guest postings
- Protect from throw away free e-mail providers
- Automatically detect misconfiguration of sensible phpBB settings
- Protection from overwriting sensible vars
... and much more!
Revision: 5.0.6
File Size: 328 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.21 - 2.0.23
Author: CBACK
Downloads: 17767
Added: December 26, 2004
Last Update: February 23, 2008