Advanced Report Hack

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This hack adds a report system to your phpBB which is highly extendable because of it's module system. Modules for general reports (feedback), post reports, topic reports, user reports and private message reports are provided with the hack and can be installed easily in the administration control panel.

All received reports are administered with a clear report list available to both moderators and administrators. There reports can be marked as "open", "in process" or "cleared" and can be deleted. These changes are logged and displayed below the report. For each change the moderator/administrator can leave a comment that describes what s/he did.

If desired, moderators and administrators can be notified about new reports or report changes via e-mail.
Revision: 4.2.4
File Size: 90 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.23
Author: S2B
Downloads: 8943
Added: September 12, 2004
Last Update: June 7, 2008