Arcade / Activity / Games Hack

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This hack allows you to add Java, Flash, Real Media and Director based games, movies and activities to your phpBB. It completely integrates with your phpBB and fully customizable through the admin control panel.

There is a categories menu, user favorites option, top ten played games display, last 10 played games, user stats and an advanced navigation bar.

You can rate gates, make comments on games, mark games as your favorite, search for games and more.

It is compatible with cash and point hacks, so users can "pay" to play the games, pnFlashGames and IBProArcade.
Revision: 2.1.2
File Size: 216 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.6 - 2.0.19
Author: dEfEndEr-UK
Downloads: 26554
Added: July 12, 2004
Last Update: September 5, 2006