IM Portal

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IM Portal is a flexible, powerful portal that supports multiple blocks, multiple pages and a cache system.


- Forum-wide integration option so that you can opt to display the left and/or right column blocks on every page of the forum.

- Multi-page feature which enables you to create unlimited portal pages with different content.

- Cache system using the Cache Lite class for faster performance and less resources needed to display blocks.

- Layout support so every page can be of a different layout.

- Dynamic blocks so you can move blocks anywhere on a page.

- Block permission per user level and/or per usergroup.

- Block file support with separate template file (phpBB standard templating system) and language file for easier localization.

- You can use BBCode or HTML styling methods for static pages.

- Choice of displaying or not displaying forum wide blocks for each portal page.

- Add, delete, hide, display or move blocks through the ACP.

- Portal configuration in ACP which supports optional configuration for each block.

- Portal page permission per user level and/or per usergroup.

- Dynamic design of blocks that allows you to make it so that the title bar, border and background can be enabled or disabled.
Revision: 1.2.0
File Size: 93 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.6 - 2.0.8
Author: masterdavid
Downloads: 23679
Added: March 23, 2004
Last Update: November 11, 2007