Verify Users

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Users can verify other users when they know them in the real life.

The status can be set while viewing the public profile and the user then will get the status "Verifing pending". Only an administrator can set the status to "Verified".

On the profile, memberlist and viewtopic, the status will be displayed and the user will get an email about all new status.

Via the ACP the administrator can verify the pending user and also reset the status.

The administrator can disable these functions completely and then decide if a verified user will be able to verify other users.

If a user has been rejected by the administration, he can only be verified for a second time by the administrator or, if enabled, by moderators.

This hack also comes with a section that displays each user, his or her status and the user who verified him or her.
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Added: March 21, 2004
Last Update: November 9, 2005