Last Visit Hack

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This hack displays in the "Who is Online" section a list of all of the members who have visited you phpBB within the past 24 hours. Also displays the total amount of visits for members, hidden members and guests.

It also displays in a members profile when they last logged on. This feature supports user level and hidden users (set in the admin panel).

Administrators will always be able to see users last visit, regardless of the setting. If it is set to "off", then only administrators can see the information and if it is set to "on", then all users can see other users last visit except hidden users, who always will be hidden.

Admin is also shown total time spent online, how long they were last logged on for, total number of visits and total number of page hits.
Revision: 1.2.10em
File Size: 20 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.21
Author: Niels Chr. Denmark and acoolwelshbloke
Downloads: 34409
Added: March 24, 2002
Last Update: August 21, 2006