Reduce Admin Navigation

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If you have installed many hacks for phpBB (or even if you haven't), the navigation in the admin control panel can seem a bit long.

This hack "closes" all modules and the admin can "open" each one seperately by clicking on the title of that module.

The status of opened/closed modules will be saved in the database for each user with control panel permissions to remember the settings for next time.

It uses a cache system to increase the performance of ACP navigation.

The download contains instructions for those that are with or without the Admin Panel for Junior Admins and Mods hack.
Revision: 2.2.1
File Size: 22 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.6 - 2.0.21
Author: OXPUS
Downloads: 3144
Added: February 24, 2004
Last Update: November 19, 2006