Custom Profiles Hack

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This hack allows administrators to define their own profile fields. There are four types of fields supported: text, text area, select box, and radio button set. All of these types support HTML, BBCode and smilies.

You can control exactly which users can use a field with a permission system similar to phpBB's forum permission system. You can control access by groups or by users and you can set a default behavior for users without any special permissions.

The hack also allows you to assign profile fields to custom template variables, meaning you can customize the way the fields show up with no knowledge of PHP. You can also use this to override default fields. (Multi-line BBCode enabled custom ranks for moderators, anyone?) You can even use this feature to let users specify a custom text color, although it requires a small modification to one template file.
Revision: 0.1.1
File Size: 30 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.6
Author: Daniel Lewis
Downloads: 16174
Added: December 23, 2003
Last Update: December 22, 2005