Advanced BBCode Box

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This hack adds lots of useful BBCode features and makes the BBCode buttons look just like Microsoft Office 2003. It also improves the functions of phpBB's BBCode function. It adds the BBCode exactly where the cursor is, inserts smilies where the cursor is and adds more ways to customize posts. It is very quick loading.

- Font Type (drop down shows actual preview of font)
- Font Size (drop down shows actual preview of size)
- Font Color (drop down features new colors and preview)
- Justify Align
- Left Align
- Center Align
- Right Align
- Superscript
- Subscript
- Bold
- Italic
- Underline
- Strikethrough
- Text Fade (IE only)
- Text Gradient (IE only)
- Message Box Align Left (traditional)
- Message Box Align Right (Arabic, etc.)
- Marquee Down
- Marquee Up
- Marquee Left
- Marquee Right
- Code
- Quote
- Spoiler (user must click on link to review text within tags)
- Hyperlink Wizard
- E-Mail Wizard
- Include Webpage Wizard (adds iframe that displays page specified by user)
- Image Wizard
- Flash Wizard
- Streaming Video Wizard
- Streaming Audio Wizard
- RAM Wizard (Real Media audio)
- Ordered List Wizard
- Unordered List Wizard
- Line Break
- Remove BBCode (removes all BBCode tags from selected text)
- Close Tags (closes remaining open tags)
- YouTube
- Google Video
Revision: 5.0.0a
File Size: 68 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.19 - 2.0.22
Author: Tofeeq Moher Alsady, Disturbed One and freddie
Downloads: 53039
Added: February 6, 2003
Last Update: November 10, 2010