Advanced Quick Reply Hack

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This hack allows users to use a quick reply form which is placed below every topic.

It will only display when a user has the reply access. The user will have an option to quote the last message and an option to recieve notification upon reply. If they have reply access, guest users can enter a name. A list of 24 smilies is shown below input area. Users can paste names of other users into the textarea just by clicking on the name. They can select any text on a page and quote it to the input area.

The previously known security exploit has been fixed as of November 18, 2002.
Revision: 1.1.1
File Size: 5 Kb
phpBB Version: 2.0.3 - 2.0.4
Author: RustyDragon
Downloads: 65104
Added: August 22, 2002
Last Update: May 13, 2005