View Topic and View Forum

These hacks alter something in viewtopic.php or viewforum.php.
Name and Description Versions Supported
Advanced Quick Reply
Adds an advanced quick reply form at the bottom of view topic.
Country Flags
Adds a country flag under a member's location on view topic. It is not displayed on any other page but view topic.
Facebook Comment System Integration
Integrate the Facebook Comments plugin by offering a Facebook comment box on your phpBB threads.
Forum Sponsors
Allows you to post per forum advertisements.
Hide Profile In Viewtopic
This mod allow you to hide user's profile in viewtopic, based on a forum's permissions.
3.0.10 - 3.0.11
Limit Post as Count Per Forum
This mod will allow you to limit the count of messages and/or topics of an user per forum.
3.0.10 - 3.0.11
Minimum Posts to Download Attachment
Makes it so that a minimum number of posts are required in order to download attachments.
Open Links in New Window
Makes it so that links in view topic are opened in a new window like in phpBB 2.
3.0.0 - 3.0.1
Post as Poster
This mod will allow you to post a reply or new post as another member.
3.0.10 - 3.0.11
Prime Post Revisions
Stores each revision of a post every time a post is edited, making these revisions viewable to those users who have the necessary permissions.
Prime Quick Buddies
Introduces icons for quickly setting post authors as friends or foes.
Prime Quick Reply
Adds a quick reply form to topic pages, making available most features found on the standard reply page.
Quick Title Edition
Allows you to add an attribute, generally called a tag or prefix, like "[Solved]", to topic titles.
Share On
Adds buttons to share topics on popular social networks.
3.0.9 - 3.0.11
Signature Into Frame
Places your member signatures into a frame, similar to the style seen on some vBulletins.
3.0.RC1 - 3.0.RC3
Sort Topics Alphabetically
Adds a panel to viewforum, which allows you to display topics from a single letter.
3.0.0 - 3.0.2
Topic Cement
Allows the members authorized to give a priority on certain topics.