Profiles and Memberlist

These hacks work with the profiles and/or memberlist of your phpBB.
Name and Description Versions Supported
Car Sign (License Plate) Hack
Use your car sign in your profile and posts (like as an avatar).
Country Flags
Allows your registered users to select the flag of their country.
Custom Profile Groups
Allows you to limit access to custom profile fields to certain groups.
Adds male and female gender options to your community.
GitHub Profile Link
Allows members to link to their GitHub profile from their profile on your phpBB, including the memberlist and view topic.
HTML Ranks
Allows you to use HTML code in rank titles.
Last Visit in Memberlist
Adds a user's last visit details to the memberlist.
3.0.4 Statistics
Adds a new profile field for the member's username. Produces three different statistics on their profile and allows for the adding of recent songs to their signature.
3.0.0 - 3.0.1
Orkut Profile Hack
Allows your users to display a link to their Orkut profile on your phpBB.
Prime Memberlist Filter
Adds a form field to the memberlist page to allow filtering of the list by entering a username (or the start of a username).
Prime Signature Cap
Provides the ability to restrict the number of lines in a signature.
Prime View Self
Adds a link allowing users to quickly access their public profile from within the profile section of their User Control Panel.
Profile Views List
Shows visitors of profiles and the total amount of visits, visits of guest users are not counted.
Register IP on memberlist
This mod allows administrators to view and search the IP of users on the memberlist.
3.0.8 - 3.0.11
Safe GamerTag
All forum users can add their gamertags to their profile. This includes gamertag cards for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Wii, Steam and Xfire and Origin.
SezWho: Universal Profile Service
SezWho is a universal profile service for the social web that improves community engagement and enables content discovery to be added to blogs, forums and other social sites.
Signature on Memberlist
Displays member signatures with their information on the memberlist.
Xbox Live Gamercard
Allows you to display an Xbox Live Gamercard when viewing a topic. It can be updated from the admin control panel or user control panel.