BBCode and Filters

Hacks that add new BBCodes/posting filters to your forum or edit existing BBCodes.
Name and Description Versions Supported
321 Cheese Webcam Photo Hack
Gives your forum users the ability to add a webcam snapshot to their posts through integration with the 321 Cheese online service.
3.0.5 Integration (Disable Direct Linking)
This hack will disable direct linking in posts and redirect links through
BBCode Reference
This BBCode is based on Wikipedia's "reference needed" BBCode.
3.0.6 - 3.0.11
Bubblecast Video Integration Hack
Brings video capabilities to your phpBB. You can upload, record and embed your own video or YouTube video into your posts with a couple of clicks.
3.0.4 - 3.0.5
Enable HTML
Allows authorized users to post full, unrestricted HTML (including JavaScript) in posts/signatures.
Greeklish to Greek Conversion
AJAX filter converts Greeklish to Greek before the text is posted.
3.0.4 Integration
Simple hack that will pass all posted links on your forums through the service. This allows you to warn your users of the link that they are going to visit.
3.0.0 - 3.0.5
Multiframe (Frames Around Posts)
Allows posters to place a choice of frames around the submitted post.
Prime BBCode Note
Adds a BBCode called "Note", which pops-up a box with text when the mouse is moved over the text to note.
Prime BBCode Spoiler
Adds a BBCode called "Spoiler", which obscures text in a box until the user clicks on it.
Prime Multi-Quote
Allows users to quote multiple posts by marking checkboxes located next to each existing quote button.
Prime Quote Remover
Automatically removes any quote blocks exceeding the specified quote depth so the poster isn't presented with an error message and forced to do it manually.
Shorten Long URLs
Shortens display of long urls entered in [url]link[/url] format.
[code] Enhancements
Preserves tabs in [code] blocks and eliminates the four spaces that precede every line in Firefox.
3.0.0 - 3.0.4