Administration and Control Panel

These hacks alter administrative functions or your administration control panel.
Name and Description Versions Supported
ACP Link in Header
Allows the administrator to go to the ACP from overall header.
ACP User Color Management
This MOD allows administrators to manage a user's username color.
3.0.8 - 3.0.11
Admin Easy User Delete
Shows an icon next to the username on the memberlist, view profile and view topic pages, allowing the administrator to quickly delete a user without having to go to the ACP
Advertisement Management
Adds a very flexible and powerful advertisement manager to your phpBB.
Auto Database Backup
Automatically backs up your database using the phpBB cron.
Ban E-Mail/IP on User Delete
Enables the admin to ban the e-mail or IP of a user at the same time when the user is deleted.
Censor Block
Prevent naughty words from being posted. Checks posts, PMs, and basic and custom profile fields.
DM Simple Admin Message
Admin can show a simple message to the users that can expire and be removed after a certain point.
FAQ Manager
Adds an easy to use FAQ Manager to the ACP.
Force https ACP
Forces any access to the administration control panel through the https protocol.
IP Search
Search for users by IP address or hostname.
Log Connections
Allows you to log forum connections by success or failure. In ACP, many options are available to limit or maximize the number of logs in your database.
Named Modules
Converts links like ucp.php?i=163 to ucp.php?i=main.
3.0.0 - 3.0.4
One Click Ban
Adds a script to ban a user with one click. Also, it can automatically move the user to a certain group, delete their posts, delete their avatar, signature and profile information.
Prime Ban to Group
Automatically moves users into a special group when they are banned, allowing you to visually indicate bans through the use of group attributes.
Prime Censor Block
Prevents the submission of a form when a post, private message or profile field (custom or otherwise) contains text that would ordinarily be censored by phpBB's word censor feature.
Prime Disable Cache
Provides an option to disable caching (this setting is only recommended for test forums).
Prime Link to Reported Post
Provides a link to the reported post from within the report in the Moderator Control Panel.
Prime Topic Move
Provides the ability to enter a reason for moving a topic, the ability to display information about the move and the ability to undo the move.
Prime Trash Bin
Keep deleted topics and posts so they can be reviewed before permanent deletion (or undeletion). Also, allows one to enter a reason for the deletion.