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This category includes phpBB easyCMS (a exclusive) and related downloads.
Name and Description Versions Supported
Article and Comment Count in Profile (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Show users' articles and comment counts in their profiles.
Article Icon Manager (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Add and remove article and comment icons in phpBB easyCMS.
Article Sort Order (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Adds a sort order option in the chapter add and edit pages of phpBB easyCMS.
Articles Anywhere (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Use JavaScript to place a list of the most recent articles posted to your phpBB easyCMS on any page of any site.
Convert Topics to Articles (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Easily convert topics (and their posts) to articles with/without comments. This is an add-on for phpBB easyCMS.
2.0.3 - 2.0.6
Move Replies to Articles (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Convert all posts in a topic into seperate easyCMS articles.
Notify for New Pending Article (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
phpBB easyCMS add-on automatically sends an e-mail notification to the administrator whenever a new article is pending.
phpBB easyCMS
Write articles and let users comment on them.
2.0.11 - 2.0.14
phpBB easyCMS Attachments
Adds the File Attachment Hack to the phpBB easyCMS interface.
2.0.4 - 2.0.11
phpBB easyCMS Chapter Index
Display a list of chapters, similar to forums, on the phpBB easyCMS index. Includes chapter icon features.
phpBB easyCMS Search Function (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Adds a search function to your phpBB easyCMS.
Template Dependant Article Icons (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
Allows you to have your phpBB easyCMS use article icons specific to each template on your phpBB.