Appearance and Cosmetics

These hacks modify the appearance or look of your phpBB.
Name and Description Versions Supported
Additional Text Colors
This hack will add additional text colors to your phpBB 2.
2.0.2 - 2.0.4
Admin Post Hack
Allows admins to post in large red colored text.
Advance HTML
Add custom HTML above the tag, in the tag, right below the tag, and right above the tag on your board.
Advanced Poll Icon
Gives polls 3 different icons, depending on whether or not the user has voted or if he can vote at all.
Agreement in Text Field in phpBB
Modifies the appearance of your registration agreement. It will be displayed in a text field.
2.0.2 - 2.0.4
Allow BBCode and Smilies in Forum Description
Allows you to use BBCodes and smilies in your forum description without the need of HTML.
2.0.10 - 2.0.13
Announcement Background Color
Allows you to change the background color of your sticky, announcement or global announcement topics using CSS.
2.0.4 - 2.0.10
Announcement Background Color for Categories Hierarchy
Allows you to change the background color of your sticky, announcement and global announcement topics. Integrates with Categories Hierarchy.
2.0.4 - 2.0.10
Avatar on Index
Inserts the the user's avatar (linked to view new posts) on the index page as well as their username (linked to profile) near the who is online box.
2.0.4 - 2.0.8
Background Image in Message Box
Puts a background image inside of your message posting text box.
Bloody Snow for phpBB
Adds creepy bloody snowflakes to your phpBB by means of javascript. Can easily be changed to any color.
Browser Text Hack
Gives administrators the ability to add text to the bottom of your vistors' browser windows.
2.0.10 - 2.0.15
Capitalize Username
Converts first letter of each word in a username to capital letters upon registration. The transition takes place when the user clicks out of username text box.
Categories & Forums icons
This hack adds an image beside your categories name and forum name on index page.
2.0.0 - 2.0.3
Change Color Search through Admin Panel
Makes the search feature, where the words searched for are highlighted, manageable by changing the color of one word or several words.
Color Font Bar
Allow your users to easily select font colors.
2.0.0 - 2.0.4
Color Groups
Replaces the current username colorization with a group system. You may define your group name, group color and group members.
2.0.13 - 2.0.17
Color Poll
Allows phpBB to use vBulletin style polls with alternating color bars for results.
Colorize Forum Description
Gives admins the possibility to enter a color separately for each forum description.
Custom FAQs Page Links
Place links to each of your FAQ pages on the top of your FAQ pages. Mainly for people with multiple FAQ pages.
2.0.9 - 2.0.11