BBCode and Filters

Hacks that add new BBCodes/posting filters to your forum or edit existing BBCodes.
Name and Description Versions Supported
/me and /you Filter
This hack replaces /me by the username of the poster and replaces /you by the username of the reader.
2.0.0 - 2.0.3
/me and /you Plus /we and /us
Allows you to use BBCode commands that generate the name of the poster, the name of the reader, both and the name of the community.
/me irc hack
Replaces "/me" in posts with *username message (in red) in a post.
Active Link Referrer Blocker
Uses to block referrer information from clicked links in phpBB posts.
Advanced BBCode Box
Makes the BBCode buttons look just like Microsoft Office 2003. It also improves and adds functions to phpBB's BBCode.
2.0.19 - 2.0.22
Advanced Spoiler Hack
Adds two BBCodes for the posting of spoilers (generally for movie and TV forums).
2.0.2 - 2.0.8
Align Images (Left/Right)
Align your images to the left or right and let your text wrap around them! Drop down list on the posting page makes for easy access.
2.0.4 - 2.0.23
BBCode and Smilie Insertion at Caret Position
Makes it so that BBCode and smilies are inserted at the caret position, instead of the bottomof the line.
2.0.8 - 2.0.22
BBCode Blur
Adds Blue BBCode tags to your forum.
2.0.0 - 2.0.4
BBCode Buttons Organizer
Allows for a neat display of an unlimited number of BBCode buttons.
2.0.10 - 2.0.12
BBCode Center
This hack adds a new BBCode: [center]text[/center].
2.0.0 - 2.0.10
BBCode Edit
Makes it so that when you want to edit your post, you can use these edit tags to make you edit stand out from the rest of the post.
BBCode equote
Allows to quote without phpBB 2 adding the word "wrote:."
2.0.2 - 2.0.4
BBCode Fade
This hack adds a new BBCode to your forum which allows text to fade as in a gradient.
2.0.0 - 2.0.3
BBCode Flip
Adds a new BBCode to your phpBB 2!
2.0.0 - 2.0.3
BBCode Font Tag
Font BBCode which allows users to specify a font for their posts.
2.0.4 - 2.0.6
BBCode Line-Through
A new BBcode, so can use the style sheet "text-decoration: line-through" with the bbcode buttons.
2.0.0 - 2.0.10
BBCode Scroll
Allows the text in your post to go left, right, up, down and even diagonal (in a scrolling motion).
2.0.4 - 2.0.6
BBCode Scroll/Marquee
This hack will allow your users to post text in a [scroll]test[/scroll] tag format.
2.0.0 - 2.0.3
BBCode Strike
Allows users to use the BBCode [Strike] And [/Strike] which permit to bar text as the HTML tags .
2.0.0 - 2.0.4