Download avatars for your users to use on your phpBB.
Need for Speed Underground 2 Avatars
Set of 54 avatars (100x100) for the game Need for Speed Underground 2.
Outdoor Avatars
An assortment of fishing, hunting, camping and related theme avatars for your outdoor themed website and forums.
Ranks Avatars (Blue)
Set of blue avatars that feature rank titles in them. The dimensions of the avatars are 96x96.
Red vs Blue (Season One and Two) Avatars
Set of avatars of characters from the first season of the popluar web series, Red vs Blue!
Smilie Avatars - 80px Yellow (Dark Backgrounds)
Smilie avatars that are 80px in size, made for websites with dark backgrounds.
Smilie Avatars - 80px Yellow (PNG)
Smilie avatars that are 80px in size. These are in .png format.
Smilie Avatars - 80px Yellow Light Backgrounds
Smilie avatars that are 80px in size and made for websites with light backgrounds.
Space/Planetary Avatars
Set of 15 80x80 space/planetary avatars.
Star Wars Avatars
Set of 101 Star Wars avatars.
subAbstract Avatar Set
Set of 100x100 abstract avatar images created from the original phpBB subSilver logo - ideal for any forum using the subSilver Template.
Unreal Tournament Avatars
Set of Unreal Tournament avatars.