Download avatars for your users to use on your phpBB.
94 Random Avatars
Set of 94 random avatars.
Abstract Avatars
These 60px x 60px avatars are mainly the result of playing around with the presets in Macromedia Fireworks and can either be used on their own or as the basis for combined images.
Abstract Avatars
Set of 20 abstract avatars that were made in Photoshop. They are .gifs and are 80x80 in size.
Bomb Avatars
Set of bomb avatars.
Code Avatars
This is an avatar pack that contains 17 avatars with a dimension of 93x93 and a file size of 4kb or lower that feature web file extensions.
Computer Avatars
Set of computer avatars.
Cranium (Skull) Avatars
Set of cranium (skull) avatars.
Enthusia Avatars
Set of 100x75 avatars of the PlayStation 2 game Enthusia Professional Racing.
Euro 2004 Avatars
Pack of 20 Euro 2004 avatars. Mainly England, France, etc.
Fantasy Avatars
Set of fantasy avatars.
Fish Avatars
Set of fish avatars.
Forza Motorsport Avatars
Set of 100x00 Forza Motorsport avatars.
Freak Avatars
Set of avatars with a spinning light design, featuring a gray color scheme. 96x96.
Game Avatars (PSD)
Set of 10 80x80 miscellaneous game avatars in the PSD format (they have a place holder for your name that you must fill in). Includes fonts.
Gaming Avatars
Set of gaming avatars. Administrator, moderator and assorted member ranks are included.
Gran Turismo 4 Avatars
Package of Gran Turismo 4 avatars. Most of them are 150x113. All of them are in .jpg format and in a small file size.
Kazaa Avatars
Set of Kazaa avatars.
Letters, Numbers, Special Characters Avatar Pack
An avatar pack featuring 73 avatars feating letters of the alphabet, numbers and special characters.
LOST Avatar Pack
Set of avatars for the ABC TV series LOST. 43 avatars are included, each less than 13kb in size.
Metallica Avatars
Metallica avatar pack (100x100 in size).