All phpBB 3 Hacks

Name and Description Versions Supported
321 Cheese Webcam Photo Hack
Gives your forum users the ability to add a webcam snapshot to their posts through integration with the 321 Cheese online service.
ACP Link in Header
Allows the administrator to go to the ACP from overall header.
ACP Site Announcement Center
Adds a site announcement box to the top of your forums that can be edited easily in the admin panel. You can preview it before posting and BBCode and smilies are supported.
ACP User Color Management
This MOD allows administrators to manage a user's username color.
3.0.8 - 3.0.11
Acronym Hack
Allows you to create a page where you can list commonly used acronyms.
Activation Justification
Lets people justify their activation to help you decide exactly who should be activated and who shouldn't be.
3.0.0 - 3.0.4
Admin Easy User Delete
Shows an icon next to the username on the memberlist, view profile and view topic pages, allowing the administrator to quickly delete a user without having to go to the ACP
Ads in phpBB
Shows you to to integrate ads into your phpBB.
3.0RC1 - 3.0.RC2
Advanced Quick Reply
Adds an advanced quick reply form at the bottom of view topic.
Advertisement Management
Adds a very flexible and powerful advertisement manager to your phpBB.
Alert For Login
This mod will alert you and/or the board founder by PM and/or mail when failed logins (and also successful logins) are made to your account.
3.0.10 - 3.0.11
A simple yet powerful portal for phpBB3 with full ACP control. Features include portal, ACP added custom pages, many blocks/modules and much more.
3.0.RC6 - 3.0.0 Integration (Disable Direct Linking)
This hack will disable direct linking in posts and redirect links through
Anti Double Post
Allows you to disable double posts.
Anti-Spam ACP
An extensive anti-spam modification with many features to prevent any kind of spamming.
April Fool's
Have fun with your website visitors by giving them an administrator control panel link that "flushes" the site (complete with toilet flushing sound).
ASSIGNCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA without the need for text input.
Auto Database Backup
Automatically backs up your database using the phpBB cron.
Avatar and Welcome Message on Index
Adds a user's avatar and welcome message on the index page in the who is online section.
3.0.0 - 3.0.4
Avatar in Who is Online
Displays the avatar of the users included on the who is online page.
3.0.0 - 3.0.1